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Integrative Health Daily has a mission to improve healthcare globally through increasing access to integrative health information, resources and integrative providers.

We specialize in keeping patients informed with accurate, objective ways on the prevention and treatment of chronic medical issues.

Our goal is to streamline the process of accessing integrative health information and finding integrative providers.


of Americans are dissatisfied with the current American healthcare system.1

of adults in the US use complementary health care to address their health concerns.2



50 million Americans are effected by some form of chronic pain.3 This needs to change.

Building Community

Integrative Health Daily represents a community of doctors, practitioners, nurses, researchers and other integrative health professionals devoted to educating others on integrative health care.

We are united by a vision to deliver up to date, and accurate integrative treatments options, along with connecting integrative providers to people needing care.

Our support comes from patient communities, educational organizations and likeminded professionals who believe that Integrative Health is the optimal approach to health care

Kimberly Danielle

Founder of Integrative Health Daily

I founded Integrative Health Daily in 2022, after dealing first hand with the challenges of chronic joint pain, fatigue and poor sleep.

Kimberly Danielle

Our Founder's Story:

During my peak years as a Nurse Practitioner, I endured several health challenges which began limiting my daily activities. I experienced joint pain, stomach troubles, fatigue, amongst other symptoms, which hinted at an ambiguous autoimmune disorder. Specialists were puzzled, and traditional treatments fell short.

Determined for answers, I dove into online research and became interested in natural health approaches, eventually discovering integrative health. Even with my existing credentials in family health and psychiatry, I felt compelled to deepen my understanding. So, I pursued further education at The School of Applied Functional Medicine.

Within my own search and health journey, I saw firsthand the difficulties in not only finding integrative health information, but also locating quality integrative providers. My mission became clear: to fill this gap. From this experience, Integrative Health Daily was created.

My goal with Integrative Health Daily is to bring you the most updated and relevant content available in the integrative health space. Along with giving you access to a national integrative health provider directory, to get the care you need.

At Integrative Health Daily, we believe in empowering you to understand your treatment options and gain access to integrative care. We are here to equip you with top-tier treatment insights and easy access to integrative care resources. As I continue my health journey, I encourage you to begin yours, embracing proactive health strategies and exploring innovative treatments.

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1 Survey from the National Center for Health Statistics in 2017 showing 42% of U.S. adults used some form of complimentary health approach in the last 12 months. 

2 A study published by the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine reported a reduction in healthcare costs and utilization for those with chronic pain with an average annual cost savings of $1,258 per patient.

3 A survey by the National Cancer Institute in 2018 found that nearly half of all cancer patients used a form of complimentary health care as part of their cancer treatment.

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