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How Much Collagen Per Day?

Written by Integrative Health Daily Staff

Collagen is important for maintaining the structural integrity of every tissue in the body, but the question is how much collagen per day should a person use? 

Reasons for Use

Aging decreases the body’s capacity to synthesize collagen, contributing to skin aging, joint disease, and diminished bone health. One study showed that by the time a person reaches 80 years old, collagen production in skin could decrease by 75 percent.

Rhonda Patrick, PHD, discusses benefits of taking Hydrolyzed Collagen on her popular podcast, FoundMyFitness.  Patrick states, “I just came across another study showing that in 26 healthy females who displayed visible signs of natural and photoaging in the face, daily supplementation with 1 gram of hydrolyzed collagen powder for 12 weeks led to a 76% reduction of skin dryness/scaling and a 13% decrease in global lines and wrinkles”.

What is Hydrolyzed Collagen Supplementation?

Oral hydrolyzed collagen supplementation represents an inexpensive and convenient strategy to offset some of the physiological declines associated with aging. It may improve various aspects of skin aging, decrease pain associated with osteoporosis, increase bone mineral density in postmenopausal women, and improve metabolic health in people with type 2 diabetes and hypertension. 

Types of Collagen

There are various types of collagen, including types I, II, and III. Each type serves a specific purpose in the body and may have different effects when supplemented. Different sources of collagen, such as marine, bovine, chicken, and pig collagen, are available in the market. Many people also choose to make bone broth at home for their collagen supplementation. 

How Much Collagen?

While individual needs may vary, collagen has shown effects at surprisingly different dosages for various ailments. For example, when it comes to skin hydration, a study found that a daily intake of 1000mg of hydrolyzed collagen, with more than 15 percent of the collagen hydrolyzed into tripeptides, resulted in a 7.23-fold improvement in skin hydration after 12 weeks.

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Determining the Appropriate Dosage

It is crucial to note that there are other recommended dosages and types of collagen for addressing skin tone, aging, joint disease, and diminished bone health. Consulting with an integrative health professional can help determine the appropriate collagen dosage for your specific health goals. Visit our directory soon to find a vetted provider in your area. 


Collagen offers a range of potential benefits for various aspects of health. From improving skin aging to enhancing bone health, collagen supplementation has shown promise in numerous studies. Determining the ideal daily intake is a personalized decision that should take into account individual needs and specific health conditions. Remember, maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet, along with collagen supplementation, can contribute to optimal overall health and well-being.

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